Tips Copy

 Before you write your essay, consider these questions:

  • Who do you think is to blame for this situation? 
  • Were there adult chaperones with the high school students, and if so, should they have done something to alter the situation?
  • What do you think about Nathan Phillips actions, which he said were to “diffuse potential violence?” What about Nick Sandmann, the boy who said he was trying to show calm and restraint by standing so close to Nathan Phillips and smiling. Based on what you saw, which version do you think this is accurate?
  • The Hebrew Israelites group called people insulting and derogatory names. How did this inflame the situation?
  • What kind of punishment, if any, do you think the high school students deserve?

Look at both sides of the issue. The most effective writing when using rhetoric is when the writer looks at all sides and attempts to show why the “other side” of their argument is flawed. Using supporting details to back up your points is key to proving your argument. 

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