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We’ve listed Giovanni’s monologue from John Ford’s ‘Tis A Pity She’s A Whore below as an example:

“Lost, I am Lost! My fates have doomed my death.

The more I strive, I love; the more I love,

The less I hope. I see my ruin, certain.

What judgment or endeavors could apply

To my incurable and restless wounds

I thoroughly have examined, but in vain.

Oh, that it were not in religion sin

To make our love a god and worship it!

I have even wearied heaven with prayers, dried up

The spring of my continual tears, even starved

My veins with daily fasts; what wit or art

Could counsel, I have practiced. But, alas,

I find all these but dreams and old men’s tales

To fright unsteady youth; I’m still the same.

Or I must speak or burst. Tis not, I know,

My lust, but ‘tis my fate that leads me on.

Keep fear and low fainthearted shame with slaves!

I’ll tell her that I love her, though my heart

Were rated at the price of that attempt.” 

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