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Elegies are written to mourn the loss of someone or something. They use emotion in order to be more expressive, rather than telling a story about a person in the form of a lament. Check out this beautiful elegy by the Irish poet and St. Louis Literary Award recipient, Seamus Heaney, from his collection of poems called The Haw Lantern:

The wintry haw is burning out of season,
crab of the thorn, a small light for small people,
wanting no more from them but that they keep
the wick of self-respect from dying out,
not having to blind them with illumination.

But sometimes when your breath plumes in the frost
it takes the roaming shape of Diogenes
with his lantern, seeking one just man;
so you end up scrutinized from behind the haw
he holds up at eye-level on its twig,

and you flinch before its bonded pith and stone,
its blood-prick that you wish would test and clear you,
its pecked-at ripeness that scans you, then moves on.

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