1. Can you find humor in a pandemic? One of the hallmarks of Jewish humor is finding something that can be funny in even the darkest of situations. Write a story or play about at least two characters who tested positive for the coronavirus but still venture out for reasons they think are perfectly valid and acceptable. Bonus points for writing comedy. 
  2. Google Translator now has the ability to bring back dead languages OR translates “language” of dead people. Your characters decide to use the new translator with unexpected results.
  3. Based on the culture or world your characters live in—two people are in a holding area waiting to be eaten.
  4. Write from the point of view of a character who was at a location where something amazing happened. Amazing can have any implication. It might be at base camp when Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgayand his Sherpa climbed Mt. Everest. It could be from the point of view of a character eating breakfast across from the World Trade Center prior to the terrorist attacks of September 9, 2001. Perhaps it is from the perspective of one of the crew members working on the film version of The Wizard of Oz released in 1939. It might be an “amazing event” that never actually happened.
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