The Writing Prompts Challenge: Middle School

For young writers looking to expand their creativity, build consistent, long-lasting writing habits, or produce a portfolio of writing, the Prompts Challenge is a perfect way to accomplish this goal. The Prompts Challenge includes exciting examples of texts to learn from, educational writing tips, and many course options ranging from 30 to 180 of continuous and original writing prompts. The Challenge provides prompts for poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. Students learn the building blocks of writing in these genres and will end the course feeling comfortable writing in a variety of styles. Students will have access to a supportive community of their peers and a truly unique opportunity to improve their writing.

Every day, a new prompt appears in your email (because your chimney is too narrow and kind of dirty) for as long as you are signed up. If you know you love to write, consider taking a class that features more prompts. If you are just getting your feet wet and are not really sure about this whole creative writing business, maybe a shorter course like the 30 or 60 Prompt Challenge is the better way to go. 

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