2.5 Poetry 365

What follows is a restatement of something I said in the intro video. I think poetry is a gorgeous literary art and even in school, sometimes it’s good enough just to read a poem in class because it’s funny, ironic, sad, or just makes us see the world in a slightly different way. I also think that as writers it is important to know the names of your writerly tools, how to use them, and to recognize them when you see examples out in their in the literary world. During the week ahead, and certainly don’t just limit yourself to this week, read a ton of poetry! Billy Collins, the former two time US Poet Laureate, is the editor of two collections of poetry called Poetry 180. The 180 refers to the average number of days in a school year, and Collin’s purpose was to get teachers and students to read an average of one poem a day to start the class. It is a brilliant idea, and I did it for several years. These collections are wonderful, but you can actually read a poem every day of the year if you are so inspired.

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