2.39 PROMPT: Narrative Poem

Select one of the following prompts to write a narrative poem.

  1. Compose a narrative poem examining the personal impact of the coronavirus—or write a narrative poem more as an observer.  Check out the poem Deer Hit Jon Loomis as an excellent example of a narrative poem. There will also be a copy of this poem in the Poems folder.
  2. Write a poem in the format of your choice about a home invasion from either the perspective of the home owner, the burglars, the animals in the home, or the things being taken.
  3. Listen to this three-minute(ish) selection of J.S. Bach’s Trio Sonata No. 6 in G Major, BWV 530: I.Vivace performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, and Edgar Myer. Write down every thought and image that comes to mind while listening to this piece. This is a video link, and while you might also find inspiration from watching the video, please listen to the piece on the first run through and then watch the performance. Create a poem from the associations you wrote down. The narrative poetry form is completely up to you. Ode? Epic? Free verse?

If you experience problems uploading your .docx file to your mentor/instructor, convert it to a .doc file here and then upload it!

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