2.21 Reading Poetry Aloud

If I haven’t said poetry should be read aloud recently, consider it said. Reading poetry out loud has plenty of benefits, like improving your oral reading skills (and oddly enough, I have heard a lot of writers who are terrible oral readers) and will help with understanding the poem better. It is easier to grasp the perspective of the poem’s narrator and possibly get more out of the content when you actually hear the words, lines, and stanzas. Reading the works of Shakespeare and Chaucer aloud unlocked their “codes” for me,  giving me the chance to understand and appreciate their works on a completely different level than I ever had before. Of course, hearing the cadence, or the sound of the poem’s meter, is much easier when reading the poem aloud. If you have never written a poem following a certain meter, you will soon find out that you really need to read your lines aloud to make sure you are nailing down the metrical rhythms correctly.

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