1.42 PROMPT: Point of View

Select one of the two prompts. Focus on the point of view. For an extra challenge, try writing the same story from a different POV. In this class, however, it is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone when you are writing. Try writing using a point of view you normally do not write from and see what you think. Try it out with today’s prompt! 

  1. The aliens have landed…finally! Earth is going to be destroyed, and one member of every family gets to make the case why their family should be spared. Perhaps it would help to think about your real family and how you would make the argument for everyone in your posse.
  2. Your character’s sister was born with a condition where she cannot feel pain or emotion. She has been homeschooled until she turned sixteen. It’s her first day at school, and your character is supposed to show her around. What happens?

If you experience problems uploading your .docx file to your mentor/instructor, convert it to a .doc file here and then upload it!

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