1.22 PROMPT: Fiction Writing

We are starting this program off old school! Just like back in the day, like maybe the 900s, your parents may have tossed you into the middle of a lake—if one of them was really strong—and told you it’s time to learn to swim because the alternative is not going to be good for you—today your activity is actually starting the prompt of the week!

Each week, for the “prompt of the week,” you will have several prompts from which to select.

Remember, this is the prompt you are working on throughout the week to turn in by Thursday afternoon to this week’s cohorts, all the instructors, and the teacher.  (45-60 minutes)

  1. Your character has taken on the job of playing some holiday character at an office party. However, either the costume or what the character is supposed to do is embarrassing. Here’s a great opportunity to listen to David Sedaris’s Santaland Diaries.
  2. A number of kids are not allowed to view the eclipse and a teacher is required to stay inside with them. What happens? Read the amazing and crushing Ray Bradbury short story, All Summer In A Day
  3. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is a work of fiction told from the point of view of a dog that knows he is at the end of his life and tries to convince his owner it’s time to let go. The story is told primarily through flashback. It sounds more depressing than it really is though I’m not promising you won’t cry. Write a story or play from the point of view of an animal that tries to change a person or another animal’s behavior. (True side story: When I sent a query letter to Garth Stein’s agent about representing my own novel, he wrote me a very kind rejection letter, in part, stating that he only represented writers who wrote stories featuring dogs. Alas, my dog was only a very minor character.)
  4. Your character lives in a time when people not only have proof of rebirth, they can know where and when they will be reborn through a special test. Consider beginning your story when the character(s) find out who they were in a past life and where they are headed in the next one.

If you experience problems uploading your .docx file to your mentor/instructor, convert it to a .doc file here and then upload it!

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