1.1 PROMPT: Getting To Know You

Section 1

*The following question and response sections are our style of a questionnaire and perfect to share on the forum! Here we go: An ancestor of yours from way back, who is also your age, suddenly appears one day. He/she is clearly a ghost, translucent and everything, but other people can see and hear her/him, too. Your ghost ancestor is here to stay, possibly for good. What are you going to do and how do you begin dealing with your ghost ancestor at home, school, hanging out with friends, and more? List five ways you handle this situation.

Section 2

  1. If a movie were being made about your life, what actor would you want cast to play you and those closest to you? Ignore appearance, too. What genre would the movie be?
  2. What is your go-to song for crying and your go-to song for getting hyped? Why?
  3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why?
  4. If you could switch places with anyone for one day with whom would you switch and why?
  5. Briefly share one of the most embarrassing or exhilarating moments of your life, in as much detail as you feel comfortable.
  6. If you could prove, or disprove, any conspiracy theory, which one would it be?
  7. What would be the soundtrack to your own coming of age movie? Are you the main character?
  8. What “phase” did you go through in elementary/middle school? Horse Girl? Emo? Car guy? Something else? Want to elaborate? 
  9. What is the best purchase you’ve ever made? 
  10. Of course, that has to be followed with what is the worst purchase you’ve ever made?

If you experience problems uploading your .docx file to your mentor/instructor, convert it to a .doc file here and then upload it!

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