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Commit to becoming a more prolific, experienced writer with this daily practice program.

This is an elite offering for our most committed writers. The 180-Prompt Challenge will force you to write daily and develop that essential habit of exercising your muse. We promise that, if you truly devote yourself to this daily regimen, your writing skill will expand.

But you won’t be alone. We’ll assign you an “accountability partner” to help encourage and motivate you. And you’ll provide support and feedback to your partner.

And there’s the 180-Prompt Forum Group, a community of like-minded writers who’ve answered the call. They’re just like you – passionate about words, eager for feedback, and committed to becoming a serious writer.

The genres taught in Gifted Writers Academy classes include fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama. A screenwriting class is also coming soon! Whether you’re a budding novelist, poet, documentarian, blogger, or songwriter, our weekly live calls, experienced mentors, massive community, and ever-expanding library of helpful resources are here to help.

What you get

  • 180 prompts, delivered one-by-one over the course of six months in different genres
  • An introduction to your accountability partner
  • 24/7 access to our private 180-Prompt Challenge Community Forum

What to expect

As soon as you’re registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with the 180 Challenge access details. Jump into the private Community Forum and introduce yourself. What brought you to The Challenge? Where do you see yourself as a writer when you come out on the other side of this Challenge? Get to know others who’ve taken the Challenge.

Your first writing prompt will be delivered the following day, giving you enough time to familiarize yourself with the website and community. Prompts are delivered by email at 9am, CST.

When do I meet my partner?

You will be assigned an accountability partner within a week of receiving your first prompt. Of course, if you want to go it alone, without a partner, no problem! We know writing is often a solitary journey.

Tell me more about the Community Forum

We recommend regular visits to the Forum – you’ll be glad you did because the community is where you’ll get feedback. Yes! Feel free to upload your best Challenge writing and see how the audience responds.—and make sure you read other Challengers’ writing, too. Everybody benefits from feedback and your voice is essential to making your fellow writers successful.

Do I have to complete all the prompts?

No. But the more you complete, the better writer you’ll become. These prompts are designed to expand your creativity, vocabulary and voice. Your imagination will expand, taking you to places you never thought possible. And, you’ll get points for prompts. Whoever earns the most Prompt Points by the end of the challenge wins some cool Gifted Writers gear!

When does the 180-Prompt Challenge start?

Great question! The Challenge launches on September 21, 2020! Once the program is officially up and running, from that date forward, students may sign up at any point of the year to get started. There’s no enrollment period. Just sign up and jump in! You’ll get instant access to the Challenge (beginning September 21) and the first prompt will drop the next day.

Is help available?

Yes. The 180-Prompt Challenge is so much more than an online writing program! And, aside from our 24/7 vibrant 180-Prompt Challenge Community Forum, we have bi-weekly Challenge Zoom calls scheduled on Thursday evenings, hosted by our Gifted Writers mentors. Just jump on the call and go deeper with discussions and presentations about the prompts, the writing life, inspiration, tricks and tips. It’s all included.

When does The 180-Prompt Challenge end?

You have one year to complete the challenge. But don’t worry. If you need more time or want to remain in the community and connected with your accountability partner, just pay $25 per month for access and you’ll retain access to all the prompts, Community Forum, and weekly calls! Leave any time – no obligation.

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